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  • Article | 2016-12 | | [PDF]

    A Possible Role for the FKBP5 Gene in Schizophrenia

    Background: Recently, several studies reported possible association between gene FKBP5 and schizophrenia (SCZ). Their results suggested that FKBP5 may link to stress and cognition in case of SCZ, whic..

    Qing Gao;Zhe Li;Paul.Jones;Guyu Zhang;

  • Article | 2016-12 | | [PDF]

    The Intensity Recognition of Tension Emotion Based on Multi-physiological Signals

    Background: Emotion recognition is among the hot topics in the field of psychology and engineering. As a type of emotion, tension plays an important role in daily life. As such, tension intensity reco..

    Jinwen Wei;Shuang Liu;Jiayuan Meng;Xingwei An;Hongzhi Qi;Feng He;Xuemin Wang;Mattew.Scott;Dong Ming;Mengting Liu;

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