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Congratulations to Qingres's JPBS Cooperation with the Chinese Psychiatric Genetics

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The 4th Summit of Chinese Psychiatric Genetics with the theme of “phenotyping” will be hosted by the School of Psychology, Shanxi Normal University in Xi’an from May 8th to 9th, 2017. There will be experts and professors in the field of psychiatric genetics from mainland China, the United States, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. 

Journal of Psychiatry and Brian Science (“JPBS”) under the banner of Qingres focuses on publishing clinical and basic research in psychiatry and brain science. The magazine's mission is in line with the goals of the Summit. It has strived to facilitate the development of mental health service and research in China. In early 2016, JPBS participated the 3rd Chinese Psychiatric Genetics Summit hosted by the Wuxi Mental Health Center, and reached consensuses in many aspects with conference attendees. Many psychiatric genetics experts in that conference joined the JPBS editorial board. Now, Qingres's JPBS will cooperate with 4th Chinese Psychiatric Genetics Summit and support the conference. JPBS will sponsor three winners of a new Travel Award to attend the World Conference of Psychiatric Genetics. The selected conference abstracts will be published in the JPBS for free, etc.

The cooperation between JPBS and the Chinese Psychiatric Genetics Summit aims to facilitate collaboration on psychiatric genetics research, and to promote the basic and clinical research of psychiatric genetics in China.

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