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2017 International Schizophrenia Health Education Peak BBS in Changsha, China Forming international platform for Schizophrenia Health

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22 April 2017, directed by Hunan Provincial Association on Health Promotion and Tobacco Control; hosted by Mental Health Institution of Central South University, Journal of Psychiatry and Brian Science (“JPBS”), ScidataS Medical Big Data Platform, and DNZH research platform; co-hosted by Hunan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission & Health Promotion Center, Med OneJournal, Guangxi Medical University Journal, BrainSCZ Schizophrenia Big Data Platform, and BrainEXP Brain Expression Big Data Platform; sponsored by Hunan Qingpeng Conference Service Limited, 2017 International Schizophrenia Health Education Peak BBS successfully held at Ramada Plaza Hotel in Changsha city, Hunan.

Picture 1 Opening Ceremony hosted byProfessor Chen Xiaogang

Attendees include 7 specialists from abroad: Professor John Davis from University of Illinois, Professor Deepak Cyril D’ Souza from Yale University; Professor John Adrian Sweeney from University of Cicinnati etc; also include 8 specialists: Professor Chen Xiaogang and Professor Wang Xiaoping from the 2nd Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, Professor Liu Chunyu who works at both University of Illinois and Central South University etc. In total 200 specialists from hospitals, universities, research institutions attended this event.   

Picture 2 Professor John Davis fromUniversity of Illinois

Picture 3 Professor John Adrian Sweeneyfrom University of Cicinatti

Picture 4 Professor Wang Xiaoping fromthe 2nd Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

Picture 5 Professor Liu Chunyu fromUniversity of Illinois and Central South University

2017 International Schizophrenia Health Education Peak BBS aims in forming an international platform for research communications, introducing specialists in the Schizophrenia filed to China and Hunan Province for further collaborations. In addition, it also aims to link the doctors and researchers from local hospitals to the specialists from abroad, which helps the development of the clinical research systems of the local hospitals. In the meantime, specialists mutually benefited from achieving abundant research results. This event also shared the experiences of how ScidataS Big Data Platform becoming a world leading platform, aimed to repeat the same story for BrianSCZ Big Data Platform.

Picture 6 Part of the Attendees

Picture 7 Meeting Venue

This event successfully completed and concluded by Professor Chen Xiaogang and Professor Liu Chunyu.

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